Lucas’ Simple Dedication and Thanksgiving Party

Wow, we’re two months into 2020 and it feels ages since I opened this little space. Last year was a roller coaster of highs and lows. Battled APAS, gave birth, started a new job, lost that job, dealt with family shakeups and a major illness–all in one year. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. When I count my blessings, however, the biggest one remains this boy.

“Lucas,” we named him without knowing that he literally was the light we turned to when the night was darkest.

So on Dec. 21, right before 2019 ended, we gathered our closest friends and immediate family members for a simple and intimate dedication and thanksgiving party. This post is two months late, but I’m sharing some snippets of that wonderful day because I want to remember being so, so grateful. Grateful for friends and relatives who have tirelessly and generously supported our journey to parenthood. For my family, for their unwavering love, prayers, and sacrifices. Despite all the hardships we faced last year–from Lucas’ birth to family issues–we came out victorious. Indeed, the Lord’s mercies are new every morning.

We held the party at Marita Restaurant at the Grand Cobo Events Place. We love that restaurant for its tasteful interiors and spacious al fresco dining area. While we really just wanted a nice afternoon merienda with friends and family, we ended up sprucing the place a little and went with a Hundred Acre Wood theme. For one, I have a lot of Winnie the Pooh stuffed toys from my childhood. And then, the husband had a set of life-sized Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger statues lying around in his shop (they made it for a previous event). Also, Lucas loves his two Heffalump stuffed buddies and he’s always clutching and chewing on their trunks.

We set up a photo wall with a neon sign of Lucas’ name, rented out ice cream and taho carts for the kids, and called it a party. 

My dad sharing about the purpose of baptism in our faith
Pastor Andy Javier, our old friend from college, and Lucas’ ninongs and ninangs.

It took me three full days to make this simple, 8″ cake. Without a yaya, I could only sneak in baking while the boy is napping. It was a struggle, but I’ve baked countless cakes for other kids before and I always dreamed to make a cake for my own child one day.

We DIYed most of the details, including the invitations, decor, cake, and souvenirs. For the godparents, we gave out leather valet trays made by Enzo’s mom and scented soy candles that I made. My mother-in-law also made elephant keychains out of scrap leather for our guests.

The weather was good and the place was beautiful–kids ate ice cream and ran around while the adults got to eat and talk.  Best of all, Lucas was a real trooper. He didn’t make a fuss, napped for a few minutes, and enjoyed the company of people. It really was a perfectly laidback day, just like how Enzo and I are. We hope Lucas will grow up to enjoy simple and meaningful moments in life like good food, sunshine, and great conversations. <3


Lucas’ Dedication & Thanksgiving Party details

Venue & Food: Marita Restaurant at the Grand Cobo Events Place

Ice Cream & Taho Carts: Party Food Cart Rentals

Set-up & Decor: Nikko Metal Works

Cake & Giveaways: DIY