DIY: Sensory Board for Baby

Day 18 of our “enhanced community quarantine.” We’re holding up pretty well, despite not being able to access delivery services and go to huge grocery stores for more food options. We miss having the option to go out, see new things and experience new places. And we miss our family!!! But in the grand scheme of things, our “difficulties” are nothing compared to what other people and our frontliners are dealing with. So we stay put, and hope to lessen their burdens.

Here’s an easy DIY idea for those who have babies or toddlers that’s perfect to make if you’ve got lots of time in your hands— a sensory board! The husband made this just before the baby turned one. We call it a “kalikot” board, which is Filipino for fiddling. It’s meant for babies who are getting curious of their surroundings. Aside from entertaining them, the different objects on the board should stimulate their senses.

It’s fairly easy to make, too! The husband made this as a cabinet that opens up, which we could hang in the boy’s room in the future. But you can use any simple flat board, just make sure to choose a sturdy one. For this, and so you can screw the objects, wood is best. Ours is 24″ x 32″ in size. 

As for the things to put, you can literally use stuff that you already have in the house. We put a calculator, magnetic board, color wheel, battery-operated lights, bells, different locks, a switch, and a faucet. Other great ideas for tactile objects include sponges, zippers, rope or shoelaces, and a clock.

Try making one for your little tot! What DIY projects are you making during this time of social distancing? Share ideas in the comments below!


DIY Baby Play Gym

Once Lucas turned two months, we wanted to give him meaningful objects that would stimulate his development. One item we always see on parenting blogs is a floor gym, and it makes sense–at two months, the baby’s vision is improving, and he’s starting to become aware of his environment.

I asked the husband to make one for the baby, because we didn’t want to buy plastic ones. Those are unnecessarily expensive and too colorful for our taste. It’s really simple to make, you don’t need fancy toys and materials, and really, you can make one under P500!

Key Benefits of a Play Gym:

  • Improves visual perception
  • Stimulates hand-to-eye coordination
  • Practices reaching and grasping skills
  • Boosts cognitive development

At two months, Lucas loved looking up at the hanging toys from his play gym. He would even coo and get excited. But it would take a while before he would intentionally reach the hanging objects. According to baby books, most babies are able to reach and grasp by their fourth month. But Lucas would just happily look up and flail his arms sidewards. We just let him be and let his development progress when he’s ready.

On the day he turned five months, I caught him raising his arms as he intently looked at the stuffed toy I hung on the gym. And then, he reached and grabbed the toy with precision. Milestone unlocked!

This floor gym is really quite simple to make, using materials that are inexpensive and readily available. Listing them down below, with estimated prices for your convenience. Also posting dimensions as a guide if you’re interested to make one for your child. You’re welcome! :)

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